Barack Good; Hillary Bad; Positions Orthogonal.

I strongly support Barack Obama. I strongly dislike Hillary Clinton. But these positions aren't connected, contrary to the widespread assumption reiterated most recently today by Bill Press.

Okay, sure, the fucking whore radio host was wrong to call the fucking whore candidate a "fucking whore" on the air. Whatever, dude. But the increasingly common assumption he makes -- that the reason that people are anti-Clinton must be because they are pro-Obama -- is bogus.

Many of us would strongly dislike Hillary Clinton whether or not Barack Obama had entered the presidential race.

Many of us would strongly support Barack Obama for president even if Hillary Clinton were a genuine and honest public servant worthy of our respect (as opposed to the calculating and disingenuous personification of everything wrong with American politics that she actually is).

So get it straight. Sure, we would vote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain. But that would just be another case of choosing the shitburger over the double shitburger. (In other words, just like every other presidential election I've been alive for.)

We didn't just recently start to hate shitburgers now that the new 2008 menu finally features a fresh healthy salad.