'Droid Ragers Make Me Sigh

Mini-Gruber Siegler, over on his personal blog, gets his panties all knotted and sticky over Andy Rubin apparently deleting a comment he had posted on Walmart.com or somewhere like that, about Android being open and how to check out the source code.

220 melodramatic and pointless words and one failed attempt at a snarky joke about 'open' later, we find out that yep, the comment was deleted, because the open source repo had been relocated and the instructions included in the comment were no longer accurate.

Of course, Android is still open, for any reasonable value of open, and you can still check out the source if you're so inclined.

(Unfortunately, though, Android's still not that great at running one's pocket computer/phone gizmo. Maybe in Android 5.0, Turducken Potato Pizza? Here's hoping.)

[via professional Apple frother John Gruber]