Mother Fuck Textmate to Hell

Speaking of cunt-pus shitware[0], we have textmate. I fucking hate textmate.


Obviously, a text editor that can't be used[1] to type text in the main languages I use is useless[2].

Well, boo fucking hoo and cry me a river right? Lots of things[3] are useless; there's no need waste energy hating on them, though, right?

Generally, that is indeed the case. But textmate is a metastasizing virulent black hole of suck. It absorbs all this useful energy, the productive output of all these hackers making bundles and add-ons, absorbing it all down into the glistening gelatinous mass of its putrid guts.

So textmate not only sucks a shopsack full of dicks, but it makes all these other would-be useful tools suck, too.

None of this means that I don't sniff at the vapors of textmate 2 with a considerable amount of interest. It just means textmate fucking sucks.

UPDATE: OK, I get it, I get it. Many of you loves you some fuckin textmate, and don't care about typing in Japanese. And, somehow, you also found my blog. OK. Instead of emailing me about it, what I suggest you do is find Dr. Nickatina. He'll give you your medicine, take you to the Bay Bridge, and instruct you on how to proceed from there. Thanks.


[0]: ok, nobody was actually speaking of that, but I earned the right to a rant by climbing a hill and singing the praises of Arq the other day

[1]: there's a CJK plug-in, but it doesn't make textmate conform to any reasonable interpretation of the phrase "it can be used to type Japanese" (or the phrase "it doesn't suck" for that matter, harhar get it)

[2]: to ME, duh

[3]: most things?