Mail Fail

It is OK that the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion version of takes an hour to upgrade my few-hundred-thousand-message mail database from the old 10.6 version.

It is not OK that the database regularly becomes corrupted in such a way that the search feature silently fails to function, necessitating a repeat of this hour-long process every few weeks.

Mail fails.

When's search function stops working -- no longer allowing a search on criteria other than 'message contains' and no longer finding the messages that do match -- this is the only procedure I know that fixes it:

[mason@IT-PC-MACPRO-01 ~]$ cd ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/
[mason@IT-PC-MACPRO-01 MailData]$ rm Envelop*

This works every time[1], but it has the lousy side-effect of rendering Mail completely unusable for the hour-plus time it takes to recreate all the index files.

Wah, bitch, moan, etc.

[1]: Except this one time, where Spotlight itself was broken, and any app using Spotlight failed weirdly. That time, even mdls on the command line yielded the message
The Spotlight Server is disabled.
Rebooting (grr) cleared it up, though.

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