This time around, the US presidential election and attendant political brouhaha are orders of magnitude more important than usual.

Mired in an unwinnable idiot war, with an ignorant citizenry trading away its constitutional freedoms for security theater, 2008 finds our nation in steep decline, led by the worst president in living memory and a gaggle of other dysfunctional cowards.

Yeah, so what else is new, right? Well, there is one thing: it's probably only because things have gotten so bad, but this time our political system has improbably managed to produce an intelligent and thoughtful candidate who not only reflects America's better attributes, and eschews most of the idiotic trappings of our broken two-party system, but who also somehow still has a real shot at winning.

Unfortunately, this has sent the Clinton team into a desperate and disgraceful race-baiting frenzy, and they must be stopped.

I have prepared an exhaustive report how this can be accomplished and what you must do to help. (Like most rigorous scientific analyses, it is presented in comic book form.) Read, and then act: