LOL. This rant from some Mozilla weenie is kinda awesome:

  • It's written by some some Firefreaker, blog-raging at Dave fucking Winer. That's sort of like MC Hammer sending hateful singing telegrams to Mick Jagger[0]. It's the freetard vs the me-tard.
  • Everything Asa says about Dave is basically true[1].
  • Everything that Asa says about Firefox, except one thing[3], is a crock of shit. So you can tell he must really sincerely believe it! Otherwise... you know, he'd notice.
  • "The Awesomebar has changed the Web." LOL, jesus fucking christ. The "Awesome bar".


[0]: the many, many ways that this analogy works are left as an exercise for the reader

[1]: which is actually why I do keep Dave in my RSS reader, albeit pretty far down the list

[2]: The fact that a non-MSIE browser got significant market share really did help the world, of course. But it was also utterly inevitable. So is Firefox better than the browser that would have come along a bit later had Firefox not come along? Nobody knows, obviously. But is Firefox in the present day better than Chrome/Safari/whatever? That's knowable.

[3]: There is no footnote 3.